We Live Their Lives

By Lynn Hilborn, Grafton, ON

Their spirits walk in no man’s land and ride the swelling sea
dying alone in unknown ways
for them we pray and offer praise
We are the children of the dead.

The peace they won was for those yet born
their youth we spend, as they adorn
on us, all matter of freedom’s choice
we live their lives; we hear their voice…

“If peace be won on the battlefield
flesh and blood will always yield
war is but a devil’s dance
there is no glory, no romance
Godly men doing ungodly acts
for a greater good…we paid this tax.”

They whisper this truth on Remembrance Day
to move our hearts, to light the way
for if the devil’s tune is played
a sacrifice must be made
and little more could be said
to us the children of the dead.