The Vimy Oaks

By Bruce Meyer, Barrie ON

– We remember, we forget and forget completely

Acorns keep their Brodies bound
as they dig into a patch of ground
and stand on guard, unaware, someday,
they will grow into their history,

their arms spread wide to shade
a hallowed place as oaks remade
against the odds of time and death.
Lifetimes from now they will be proof

someone remembered. An oak tree,
it stands to reason, preserves memory,
lives beyond generations, when an April
morning in the rage of hell will

be recited on rising swaths of wind
to speak of Canada. What does not bend,
lives on to grow in us, the history
in every fibre and leaf planted on Vimy

buds, blossoms, and strives for light
among winds that never forget a moment
when those who gave every tomorrow
planted our future there and bade it grow.