Uxbridge Secondary School Remembers

Lt. Col. Samuel Sharpe, DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Sharpe, DSO.
Credit: Veterans Affairs Canada, 2017.

On 3 April 2017, as part of our 100 Days of Vimy project, we shared the post of Lt. Col. Samuel Sharpe, DSO (Read it again here: http://www.vimyfoundation.ca/100daysofvimy-april-3rd-2017/). A Member of Parliament, Sharpe used his influence to raise and recruit the entire 116th (Ontario County) Battalion from his constituents in the Uxbridge area. Serving as its Lieutenant-Colonel, Sharpe ultimately returned to Canada devastated by the losses to his county, committing suicide while seeking treatment in Montreal on 25 May 1918.

In honour of Lt. Col. Samuel Sharpe’s impact on his county and his ultimate sacrifice, students of Uxbridge Secondary School have dedicated themselves to commemorating the First World War’s impact on their county. For Vimy 100, a large group travelled overseas after nearly a year and a half of preparatory work. The following video was made for the Lt. Col. Sam Sharpe Gala that Uxbridge Secondary School’s Vimy 100 students hosted for the community, sharing the stories of those that went to serve King and Country from Uxbridge Secondary School.

The logo of Vimy 100 shirts of Uxbridge Secondary School students. Emblazoned on the back are the names of the Uxbridge Secondary School students who went to serve King and Country.
Courtesy: Tish MacDonald, Uxbridge Secondary School, 2017.
Students of Uxbridge Secondary School gather beneath the Vimy Memorial in April 2017.
Courtesy: Tish MacDonald, Uxbridge Secondary School, 2017.