The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau at NYU

On April 21, 2016, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau spoke with New York University, and included remarks about the upcoming Vimy centennial in 2017.

At minute 34:08:

“…Canada had a history of stepping up. In the trenches of World War One, and the beaches of World War Two, Canadians fought like lions. In theatres far from their homes, that wasn’t directly of danger to Canada, Canadian young men, mostly, from communities across the country, stepped up and gave their lives for peace and for values in faraway conflicts. And that shaped the country.

Next year, as many of you know, we’re going to be celebrating our 150th anniversary since Confederation, which is a great thing. And many of you who aren’t Canadians, I encourage you to come up and visit Canada, because it’s a wonderful place and next year will be a wonderful time to be there. But at the same time, a lot of us have the reflection that it will also be the 100th anniversary next year, of the moment where for many, Canada actually became a nation in its own identity, at a place called Vimy Ridge. Where Canadian soldiers, for the first time in World War One, were brought together as a single group, with all the diversity (which was less then than it is now), but still significant diversity of English and French, indigenous and others, coming together and won that battle, through tremendous sacrifice but also tremendous valour, as Canadians. And that was a moment that was foundational for us.”

Watch the clip (skip to 34:08 to hear the above remarks):
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