Epitaphs of the First World War
Part IX

McGeer, Canada’s Dream Shall Be of Them, p. 206.

“One of American Harvard vanguard, entering Canadian service in 1916”

Epitaph of Lieutenant Phillip Comfort Starr, Royal Engineers, 20 February 1918. Phillip was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Harvard College from 1910-1912, before leaving to work as a mechanical engineer. In 1916 he crossed into Canada and enlisted with the Canadian Field Arillery (CFA). He later attended courses with the University of Toronto’s Training Company and was subsequently discharged from the CFA in order to obtain a commission in the British forces. Eventually joining the Royal Engineers, he was killed on 20 February 1918 while taking part in night reconnaissance at Ypres. Lt. Phillip Comfort Starr is buried in Bedford House Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. займы на карту