Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Blog – August 8, 2019

Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Recipients outside Peace Village, Messines


Our BVP 2019 recipients made it safely to Brussels, and they continued on to Ypres. After settling in, the students were introduced to the program and participated in some ice-breaker activities. Read more about what they are most looking forward to during the program. (Please note: participants will blog in their language of preference.)  


J’ai particulièrement hâte d’entendre des témoignages et des conférences d’experts, nous sommes choyés d’y avoir accès, car ils nous donnent une perspective très personnelle sur les conflits.

-Andelina Habel-Thurton


I am most excited to visit the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, due partly to its symbolic and historical significance, as well as because it is where the soldier I have been researching over the past few months is commemorated. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Beaverbrook Vimy Prize, and I am looking forwards to the journey ahead!

-Rose He


I am particularly excited to see the Vimy Memorial after all the stories I have heard from people about the emotional impact it had on them. I am also looking forward to seeing the Ring of Remembrance for its architecture. 

-Nimra Hooda


I am most excited to visit the grave of my great grand uncle at Tyne Cot Memorial. I think it will be an amazing experience to be able to stand by his grave and to tell his story.

-Maya Burgess


During this program I am most looking forward to visiting Second World War sites, especially the Juno Centre and Juno Beach due to my decade-long interest in the Second World War, and to visit a plaque dedicated to my jazz band at the Juno Beach.

-Philipp R.W Darley


J’ai très hâte de voir le Château de Versailles. Être à l’endroit où ils ont déclaré la fin d’une des guerres les plus sanglantes de l’histoire mondiale, et où la paix a été déclarée sera une expérience très marquante pour moi.

-Andréa Jackson


I am looking forward to the Dieppe candlelight ceremony because I find an immersive experience is so effective in commemorating tragically lost lives in a way that remembers the beauty of their lives and humanity.

-Lily Maguire


I’m ecstatic to have the chance to visit the infamous beaches of Normandy. Experiencing where those soldiers walked will be so moving.

-Jack Roy


Je suis très excitée à l’idée de visiter tous les musées, monuments et cimetières prévus lors du PVB. L’Anneau de la Mémoire m’intéresse particulièrement pour sa signification. En effet, à travers ce monument commémoratif circulaire se cache un puissant message unificateur.

-Florence Trigaux


I am the most excited to get to see Vimy Ridge because of it’s cultural significance to Canada.

-Noah Korver


Though I am incredibly excited for every aspect of the program, what I am most looking forward is to visit Beaumont Hamel so that I can gain a new sense of respect for the history of my province.

-Evan Di Cesare


I am most excited to have the opportunity to commemorate my chosen soldier, as it is very important to the family. I feel honoured.

– Meaghan Bulger


I am excited to visit the Versailles palace because of the history and architecture portrayed by the palace.

-Nathan Yee


I am most looking forward to Versailles, for it is said to be gorgeous, and the Courcelette Memorial, because that is the battle in which the soldier I researched died. I feel it will be very moving to stand where someone my age died just over one hundred years ago.

-Sophie Long


Je suis impatient de créer des liens forts et durables avec tous les autres lauréats du programme tout en participant à une expérience unique relative à l’histoire.

-Isaac St-Jean


Visiter le centre Juno Beach et les champs de bataille m’enchante tout particulièrement car je pense que la visite de celui-ci me permettra d’en apprendre plus sur le rôle et l’histoire du Canada lors de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et les champs de bataille font ressentir de réelles émotions qui, même après une centaine d’années, rendent compte de la gravité de la guerre.

-Alliya Arifa

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