Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Blog – August 20, 2019

the journey back home begins

After two incredible weeks of learning, our Beaverbrook Vimy Prize participants said their goodbyes and flew home. For the last blog entry, we asked each of them to describe their program experience in one sentence. (Please note: students will blog in their language of preference).


Sûrement la plus belle expérience de ma vie, partager le goût de l’histoire, de la réflexion et de la mémoire avec des personnes aussi exceptionnelles a été une formidable aventure qui me marquera à jamais.

– Alliya Arifa


Le Prix Vimy Beaverbrook a profondément marqué ma manière d’aborder et de comprendre l’histoire et le monde dans toute son humanité et inhumanité, ce fut une expérience généreuse de connaissance, de créativité et d’amitié qui fut l’une des plus épanouissantes de ma vie.

– Andelina Habel-Thurton


Visiter tous ces sites m’a permis de visualiser et de trouver une compréhension plus profonde de ce qui s’est déroulé ici, il y a plus de 100 ans; j’ai beaucoup appris, le programme a été une expérience que je n’oublierai jamais.

– Andréa Jackson


The past two weeks have been the most transformational days of my entire life, and I cannot express how grateful I am for being given the opportunity to make this pilgrimage which I once thought I could only dream of.

– Evan Di Cesare


Le prix Vimy Beaverbrook a été pour moi une expérience incroyable m’ayant apporté nouvelles connaissances et rencontres inoubliables.  

– Florence Trigaux


Le Prix Vimy Beaverbrook m’a donné une nouvelle perspective sur le monde qui m’entoure, sur le passé comme le présent, en m’enseignant entre autres le devoir de commémoration et la réflexion critique, tout en me donnant la possibilité de partager des moments incroyables avec des personnes uniques.

– Isaac St-Jean


Bringing the memories back home to Canada of those who never had the chance to realize their dreams has been an invaluable experience and something I will never forget.

– Jack Roy


The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize has been a hugely transformative experience in helping build me into a far more analytical, thoughtful historian and embedding within me the desire to preserve the memory of the World Wars and the heroic fallen soldiers.

– Lily Maguire


This program has not just been a once in a lifetime experience, but also an incredible educational journey through time, I will remember all that I have learned here throughout my life.

– Nathan Yee


The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Program has taught me to think critically about history and to understand the experiences of those in the past by immersing myself in the environment in which they occurred.

– Nimra Hooda


These last two weeks have defied all my expectations, I can’t even begin to describe how much I have learned, I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity.

– Noah Korver


The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize has been an amazing experience during which I have learned so much about the scale and impact of the wars on Canada and the rest of the world, and also about myself.

– Maya Burgess-Stanfield


I believe in the power of historical records; however, this program has taught me that human experiences are irreplaceable: life is more than the breath that we take, it is those special moments of growth that take my breath away – and this program has left me utterly breathless.

– Meaghan Bulger


My BVP experience was more wonderful and beneficial than I could possibly have imagined: between the experiences of seeing historic sites in person and talking with local civilians and veterans, I have gained so many invaluable experiences and memories from this program.

– Phillip Darley


I am incredibly grateful for this experience through which I have stepped outside of my comfort zone to learn about memory and interconnections between both World Wars, our present and our future, all the while making amazing connections along the way.

– Rose He


The BVP was, in a word, life-changing: I have gained new perspectives from my fellow participants, chaperones and visiting the battlefields. 

– Sophia Long 

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