April 2018 Poll Results


Despite the numerous events, ceremonies, and media coverage surrounding the April 2017 centennial anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, many Canadians are still unable to identify the Vimy Memorial.  According to a new Ipsos poll conducted for the Vimy Foundation, fewer than 2 in 10 Canadians (16%) could correctly identify the monument when shown a photo. This is down from 19% in 2017 poll conducted in the leadup to the centenary commemorations.

The monument at Vimy Ridge is featured on both the $20 bill and the $2 coin, and yet 70% of those polled were unwilling to even hazard a guess, saying that they ‘didn’t know’ the distinctive shape of the Vimy Memorial, one of Canada’s great examples of public art.

“During the Centennial year, the Vimy Foundation was encouraged to see that three quarters of Canadians said that the Battle of Vimy Ridge was an important anniversary for Canada,” said Jeremy Diamond, Executive Director. “Now is it the responsibility of all Canadians to ensure we keep alive the memory of those who served and sacrificed during the First World War. Today on Vimy Day, we encourage all Canadians to attend a local ceremony, wear a Vimy pin, visit a community museum or plan a trip to Vimy. Lest we forget.”

With recognition of the monument lowest among young people 18-34 (13%), programs and projects that help young Canadians engage with history will continue to be important. Numerous events are being held today across Canada, including an official ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. These activities demonstrate Canadians’ keen interest in ensuring we make good on the promise to never forget the brave generation who served Canada a century ago.

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