Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Blog – 23 August 2018

After two informative and incredible weeks, our BVP 2018 students said their goodbyes and departed for home early this morning. For the last blog entry of this program, we asked our new Beaverbrook Vimy Prize alumni to describe their experience in one sentence. (Please note: students will blog in their language of preference).

Alejandra: The BVP program is a perfectly orchestrated journey that allows for deeper and more personal thinking about the First and Second World Wars, for which I am thankful.

Cassandre: Une fabuleuse experience, de formidable rencontres, dinouables souvenirs- mon plus grand merci pour mavoir donné la chance denrichir ma personne.

Kelsey: This program was life-changing- it gave me an understanding of the World Wars on a level I could previously only dream of.

Cassidy: BVP 2018 was a breathtaking, emotional and adventurous experience that I will never forget.

Alix: Un enrichissement à vie, de mémoires d’amitié forgées et des images saisissantes gravées pour toujours, c’est ce que le BVP est pour moi.

Hannah: This program has enlightened me in both mind and spirit- I couldnt forget about this program if I tried.

Rachel: The BVP has inspired and empowered me to share this unforgettable experience with my community, and my perspective on Canadas involvement in both World Wars has been changed forever.

John: This program has introduced to me a new way of studying history, and to teachers and peers who will continue to inspire me in the future.

Isabella: BVP is not a program that has forced mundane dates into the minds of the participants, but has rather challenged one to think critically about past historical events and present-day occurrences.

Anna: The BVP has completely changed the way I view history, it has inspired me to learn and teach, and I cant wait to spread it as far as I can!

Gordon: This program has been truly incredible, from speaking to some of the last remaining Second World War veterans, to retracing the footsteps of the soldiers of the First World War and D-day- I am so grateful that I could be part of such an amazing experience.

Laetitia : Durant ce programme, jai appris énormément dinformations sur les deux guerres mondiales entourée de personnes incroyables: cette expérience restera à jamais graver dans ma mémoire: merci beaucoup !

Caroline: BVP has allowed me to experience history as I never imagined it before, among like-minded peers in an environment where it comes alive.

Brooke: Our classrooms ranged from lecture halls at Oxford, to the fields of Belgium, to the white caves at Vimy, to the rocky beaches at Normandy, and often where we learn, teaches us more than our tour guide.

Ghalia: Today I leave feeling more empowered than ever before and with a network of colleagues that have become lifelong friends.

Stanford: BVP has allowed me to share exceptional experiences with unforgettable people. заём