Announcing the 2016 Vimy Pilgrimage Award winners!

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award recognizes the actions of young people who demonstrate outstanding service, positive contributions, notable deeds, bravery or leadership. Their acts may have served their peers, schools, communities, province or country. This award consists of a fully funded, week-long educational program in France and Belgium, to study Canada’s tremendous First World War effort. Scheduled for April 3 – 11, 2016, the week will include classroom education and daily field trips to important First World War sites.

20 students were selected this year from over 200 outstanding applicants. Thank you to all who applied!

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • Thomas Banks – Edmonton, Alberta
  • Leah Boyer – Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
  • Mily Danie Caron – Grand Sault, New Brunswick
  • Antoine Csuzdi-Vallée – Montreal, Quebec
  • Nathan Dueck – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Tyson Fisher – Surrey, British Columbia
  • Devin Galton – Toronto, Ontario
  • Kiana Gibson – Ottawa, Ontario
  • Fiona Hashey-McFarland – Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Kylar Johnson – St. Peters, Nova Scotia
  • Lena Lam – Mississauga, Ontario
  • Dale MacDonnell, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Emma Mogus – Oakville, Ontario
  • Mana Moshkforoush – Prince George, British Columbia
  • Aiman Naeem – Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Sally O’Keeffe – Toronto, Ontario
  • Bana (Maria) Samman – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Lovdeep Singh – Surrey, British Columbia
  • Tim Turriff – Belleville, Ontario
  • Daniel-Kwaku Voss – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thank you to our generous supporters of this program: EF Educational Tours Canada and Canada’s History.

Please contact Stella Begic, programs manager, for any questions about the Vimy Pilgrimage Award.

Students collage

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